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---->> Salissa M. 

Customer is getting her order at 10% off of retail.

Salissa, please enter coupon code SHIP4FREE when you check-out, since these items won't be shipped, and I'll get them to you locally once they arrive. 

Details below: 
Sacred Mountain - 5ml
Wholesale pricing: $ 36.75
Retail Pricing:  $48.36 ($43.53 at 10% off)

Mountain Savory - 5ml
Wholesale: $22.50
Retail: $33.55 ($30.20 at 10% off)

Item will arrive to Nikki in approx. 7 business days from this order date, and Nikki will link up with Salissa to get her the oils once they've arrived.  

Order Total / Comparisons & biggest saving:
As is, Salissa pays $73.73 with the 10% off of retail through Nikki

If Salissa becomes a member with the Basic starter kit at $35 + wholesale pricing of Sacred Mountain $36.75 + wholesale pricing of Mountain Savory $22.50, she pays $94.25 and gets any future orders at 24% off (that's wholesale), to order on her own terms, herself through her account, whenever she wants / needs something.  If more details are needed, read on. :)  

About Young Living's Member Program, should you ever decide to become a member (never any pressure from me, but always a smart option, as it saves you a MINIMUM of 24%) :

What it means to be a YL Member:

You get started by signing up for your choice of Kit.

You get 24% off of your purchases.

You are NEVER (never, ever, ever) expected to sell or share about oils.  

You get to order whenever (as little or as often) as you want.  Truth. 

You order whenever you want (no pressure to order, you choose how often, no "fine print," no minimums).

You get support from a fantastic team of Young Living users, regular people who have a wellness-mindset.  There are endless resources and learning opportunities on this team, if you want to dive into wellness

Once you are a member, you are a member for a year after you place your last $50 order.  So, every time you place an order of $50 or more, your membership extends for another year.  

Optional / Additional Savings & Rewards
If you are even more of a money-saver, there is the option of Essential Rewards / ER (not required).  That is the loyalty customer program where Young Living offers free oils when you place a monthly order of 50 PV (about $50).  This is an awesome way to slowly move your home care (cleaners, detergent) + body care (body soap, shampoo makeup) over to clean & safe / nontoxic products.  You choose which products you want shipped to your door every month, and you get money back based on your order size.  In your "bank" to spend as cash later.  10%, 20% and then up to 25% back as time goes on.  PLUS, you'll get FREE oils, supplements and products each month based on the size of your order.  
Keep in mind, if you're "doing this right," that you won't be spending an "extra budget" on monthly Young Living items.  You'll be replacing the items that you normally spend money on at the grocery store or big store and spending in with YL instead, on healthy, family safe items.  So your "store" budget will decrease and you'll be spending it at YL instead, and getting rewarded in the meantime with freebies and rewards points to spend as you wish, like case toward products.  

Starter Kit Options:

- Basic starter kit : $35 - Stress Away Oil + Extras

- Premium Oils Kit : $165 - 12 Oils + Diffuser + Thieves Hand Sanitizer and Thieves Spray, NingXia Red samples, Product Guide & Extras

- Thieves Household Kit - $160 - Toxin Free Home Cleaning & Body Care Products that kick virus and bacteria to the curb + Support your immunity rather than tear it down

- Welcome Home Starter Kit : March ONLY - $125 - 8 oils + Wooden display Box + FREE diffuser from Nikki 

- CBD Oils Kit - 3 CBD oils - $165 - CBD Calm Roll on, CBD Muscle Rub, CBD oil drops + Getting started pamphlet

- NingXia Red Starter kit : $170 - High Antioxidant Drink - Lots of NingXia red + Extras

** Good to NOTE: When you start out with any of the premium kits over $100, if you DO decide ER (Essential Rewards) is for you, at least for the FIRST MONTH, DO select it!  You'll get 10 points into your bank ($10 to spend later), and you'll get a FREE oil/supplement or product at the 100 PV level, since your order amount qualifies.  So, all that to say, its a great idea to select "YES" to ER when you're a new member, because you'll get freebies NOW, even if you decide to cancel or hold it next month.  So, why not?! 

** If, after reading through this stuff, you find that you'd rather start saving now, and become a member before ordering the above oil or oils, don't purchase this listing.  You can do any of the following, instead:

*Just contact Nikki and let her know that you'd like to become a member.  She can help you get started, answer more questions etc.    

* Click over to register under Nikki :  Member number for Enroller & Sponsor: 2192571

Here's the link :