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Reserved for Tasha - 28 custom GOLF Mini Wood Signs - Photo Letter Art

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Reserved for Tasha - 28 custom GOLF Mini Wood Signs - Photo Letter Art

$558.88 $698.60

This is a listing for TASHA for 28 standard custom (seller chooses the letters for each custom name in the golf theme) mini wood signs.

About the signs:
Each sign will have as many golf-themed letters available that are in each name, as the seller sees fit to go with flow, balance, and color.  Seller will choose the letters for the signs.  General color schemes will be greens, browns, black, grey, tan, gold, silver, white, maroons... a neutral/outdoor color scheme. 

If the letters available in each name do not have a decent number of golf themed letters available, then seller will use a "square spacer" (see the JAN sample) to bring more golf-themed feel into that particular name.

Duplicate names will be identical.

1-6 letters : 8.5 inches wide x 2-3.5 inches high.

7-13 letters : 10.5 inches wide x 2-3.5 inches high.

All signs can stand alone and will also come with a metal hanger on the back.

Names on the signs / Copied and Pasted from Buyer's own list:

  5. LINDA
  6. JUDY
  7. SUSAN
  8. JAN
  9. NANCY
  10. KAREN
  11. DEBBIE
  12. ILENE
  14. ROBIN
  15. WENDY
  16. DENISE
  17. LESLIE
  18. LORRIE
  19. DEBRA
  21. SUSAN
  22. SHARI
  23. RUTH
  24. LISA
  25. ALANA
  26. RITA
  27. WENDY
  28. MARY

Care & Display:
Indoor display only.

Dust with a dry cloth, when needed.

Please keep dry and away from extreme heat and cold.

Buyer needs signs to arrive by August 21st, so seller will begin making signs as soon as order is received, to ship in 2-3 weeks, by the first week in August, in general, if order is received in the next few days (by July 20th).  

Buyer to inspect signs upon arrival and notify seller within 48 hours of arrival if there were any issues in shipping, mis-spellings, or other concerns, so that seller can fix any issues to get the completed order to buyer by her needed date of August 31st.  

20% has already been taken off of this bulk order in pricing, so no coupon codes or other offers may be used on this order.

Signs will ship USPS Priority mail in one package.  

Thank you for letting me do these for you, Tasha.  I'm so very excited about this fun order.  

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