New Customer Welcome Bundle - Private Listing for Nikki's Young Living Customers - Sage Living

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This is a private listing for Nikki's Down-line Young Living Customers only / Sage Living.  

What:  When you become a Young Living Customer, Nikki likes to send you some welcome goodies and an Oils Reference Book so that you can begin to navigate your Oily Journey and Lifestyle, and easily find answers.  

You'll get a mix of whatever is appropriate for you & the starter kit that you purchased.
You'll get an oils reference book
You'll get some other goodies, pieces of encouragement, and "stuff."  :) 

This packet is of no cost to Nikki's Down-line team members, and NOT available to anyone who isn't a Young Living Member on Nikki's team.  

* If you order this packet, but aren't a customer, Nikki will cancel the order & it won't be shipped to you.  

Members: Thank You for allowing me to journey along with you.  You're welcome here!!  - Nikki