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Maker Babe Swap Exchange Listing

Letters of Love Designs

Maker Babe Swap Exchange Listing

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Maker-Babe Swap Exchange:

This listing has been created for the Maker-Babe Swap Exchange through the Facebook group.  If I (Letters of Love Designs) have agreed to a Maker-Babe Swap for one of YOUR items, then I've directed you here to "purchase" your item, so that I can easily keep track of my scheduled swaps, easily ship to your address, and have a way to get in touch with each other.  

There will be no fee for your item/no cost for shipping, unless we need to equal out prices in swap of my item for yours, and we will have already discussed that, at this point. 

Please enter coupon code MAKERBABESWAP when you check-out, to remove shipping charge.

Price is free & shipping is free.

Current swap agreements are with the following makers, who have been given permission to "purchase" this listing to move forward with this swap:

Erika H of The Crafty Lady Shop, is getting the following:

Mini sized last name sign reading : Lipchinsky in photo letters

Color Scheme : Teal, brown, dark red, light green

Typed info above photo letters: Joseph and Sherry
Typed info below photo letters : July 27, 1997

Finished size : 10.5 inches wide/long x 2.5-3.5 inches tall/high

In exchange, I'm getting from Erika

Dark turquiose, medium turquoise, light turquoise, white string color scheme.

2 : 5x5s- one arrows and one Joy.

1 : 6.5x9.5 feather. All expresso stain. 


Swap Exchange Instructions:
Please choose a quantity of 1 at check-out.

Please make sure you've added your correct address for shipping.

Please leave any notes that you'd like regarding letter colors and themes that apply to your swap item.

Please enter the coupon code MAKERBABESWAP to remove the shipping cost.

to change listing to FREE SHIPPING.

Your signs will be made and shipped once your "order" is received.

I'll message you through our main message (probably through Facebook, if that's where we've been working together on this), with tracking info once I ship your sign - about 1 week from when your "order" is received is currently my finish time.  

Care Instructions:                                                                                                         Indoor display only.  Please keep dry and away from extreme heat.  Dust with dry cloth when needed. 

If swapping for a micro wood sign- then your sign can stand alone and doesn't have a metal hanger on the back.

If swapping for a min wood sign- then your sign can also stand alone as well as hang on the wall with a metal hanger which comes on the back.  

If swapping for a medium or large wood sign, then it can be displayed on a frame-stand or hang on the wall - metal hanger on the back.  

About me & My Process:
I photograph all of the letters and make the wood signs, too.  I cut, sand, and paint the wood.  I apply my original photo letter collage and a protective layer over the top.  I've been photographing letters and making signs since 2009.  

Thank you so much swapping!!  

I so appreciate it!!
Nikki :) 

NOTE:  If we have not set up a swap, then please do not purchase this listing.  If we don't have previous contact and agreement for swapping, then your order will be cancelled, and the item will not be made for you.  This is for Maker-Babes only.  



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