Best Friend Gift, Friendship Gift, Gifts for Friends, Gifts for Sister

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Best Friend Gift, Friendship Gift, Gifts for Friends, Gifts for Sister

These BEST FRIENDS sets are a sweet gift for YOU and your BEST FRIEND.                   Order one for each of you & display them to remember each other!

Your choices at check-out:
- One "Best Friend" set of 2 signs

- Two "Best Friend" sets of signs (4 signs total) - one set for YOU and one set for your BEST FRIEND - to display and remember each other.

- Friendship (in either the pink color scheme or the bright/primary color scheme - see photo for comparisons).

- Friends only


Sign Measurements & Info:
BEST (micro size) : 4 1/2 inches wide/long x 1 1/2 inches tall/high.
Can stand alone or stack on FRIENDS. No metal hanger on the back.

FRIENDS (mini size) : Friends - 8 1/2 x 2 inches
Can stand alone and also has metal hanger on the back.
If you hang it on the wall, and you order BEST, then BEST can also stack on top of FRIENDS while hanging on the wall.

FRIENDSHIP : 10 1/2 x 2 inches
Stands alone & Hangs / metal hanger on the back.


Care & Display Info:
Indoor display only.
Please keep dry and away from extreme heat.
Don't store in attic or garage with extreme heat or cold temperatures.
Dust with dry cloth when needed.


About Me & My Process:
I photograph all of the letters myself from in and around Lincoln, NE, and wherever else I'm lucky enough to be. I cut, sand, and paint the wood. I apply my original photo letter collage, and a protective coat over the top.

Thank you for stopping by my shop!!